Roadway infrastructure is the backbone of almost every development project. CLM Earthmovers has years of experience and know-how to get your job done. We are an ADOT approved company, and have completed work for private developments, municipal projects, and federally funded projects. Scroll down to take a look at some of our recent roadway related projects. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your next project !
Blackhawk Drainage & Pavement
Storm Drain & Road Improvement Project within the existing Blackhawk Community
Prescott Lakes Roudabout
Roundabout project on Prescott lakes Parkway which will serve as the new entrance to the juvenile justice center
Williamson Valley Road
Road Reconstruction with an additional 2 lanes, new water, sewer, and 5 retaining walls. 430 days to complete
Granite Dells Interchange
Highway Interchange and merging lane that included water/sewer, storm drains, mass grading, and paving
Yavapai-Indian Connector Rd
Drainage Improvement Project within the communites of Cliff Rose & Blackhawk. Channels, retaining walls, and much more
Rosser St. Reconstruction
Construction and new water/sewer lines for a 4-lane road known as Rosser St.
Chino Meadows Drainage Improvments
Drainage Improvement Project within the communites of Chino Meadows. Storm Drain, Head wall, Box Culvert and much more
Current Projects
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