Blackhawk Drainage & Pavement
Storm Drain & Road Improvement Project within the existing Blackhawk Community
Chino Meadows Drainage Improvments
Drainage Improvement Project - Box Culverts and Ductile Storm Drain Pipe
Cliff Rose Drainage Improvment
Drainage Improvement Project within the communites of Cliff Rose & Blackhawk. Channels, retaining walls, and much more
Granite Dells Interchange
Highway Interchange and merging lane that included water/sewer, storm drains, mass grading, and paving
Granville Box Culverts
Installation of two large box culverts as part of the Granville Master Planned Community
Granville Unit 7
Complete Subdivision from the Ground-up.
Granville Unit 8
Complete Subdivision from the Ground-up
Havasupai - Chaparral Drainage
Rough Grading of Subdivision and Channelization project in Bullhead City, AZ
Highlands Estate Sewerline
Instation of mainline sewer in Highland Estates.
Mountain Valley Multi-Path
Concrete Pathways and landscaping for the Town of Prescott Valley Ball Fields
North Plains Recharge Basins
Recharge Basin construction for the Wastewater Treatment plant in Prescott Valley.
Pioneer Parkway Drainage
Drainage improvement project along existing corridor in Prescott, AZ
Prescott Lakes Roudabout
Roundabout project on Prescott lakes Parkway which will serve as the new entrance to the juvenile justice center
Pronghorn Unit 9
Complete subdivision from the ground, up.
Rosser St. Reconstruction
Construction and new water/sewer lines for a 4-lane road known as Rosser St.
Route 66 - Woody Mountain Waterline
Water main extension within the right of way on Route 66 in Flagstaff, AZ
Small Water Main Replace
Removal and replacement of a small water main in the Prescott Area
Tenney Homestead
Complete subdivision package from the ground, up.
Villas at Stoneridge
Complete subdivision package from the ground, up.
Williamson Valley Road
Road Reconstruction with an additional 2 lanes, new water, sewer, and 5 retaining walls. 430 days to complete.
Yavapai-Indian Connector Rd
Mass earthwork and road construction of a 4-lane road connecting Highway 69 to Highway 89
Zone 12 Utility Extension
Installation of a large water main adjacent to the Granite Dells interchange in Prescott
Zone 19 Reservoir
Construction of a new 1.0 MG Steel Reservoir off of Copper Basin Road, and new Pump Station.
Zone 24 Water Tank
Removal, expansion, and replacement of an existing water tank high atop the hills near Thumb Butte
Zone 27 Reservoir
Construction of a new 1.25 MG buried Concrete Reservoir off of Skyline Dr, as well as a new pump station.
Current Projects
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